Trauma Informed Practice

Created by Unitas in partnership with the YJB and accredited by SFJ Awards, this new Effective Practice Award is designed to help you understand the key principles of trauma-informed practice, the evidence for it and the implications for everyday practice with children in the youth justice system

Trauma Informed Practice

Thinking of registering for our new Trauma Informed Practice course from the Youth Justice Institute but would like more information? Read everything about the course by clicking the ‘Course Overview’ button.

Feedback on course

  “I really enjoyed this course. Despite not being able to meet others on the learning course to share learning, I really found this course to be helpful and it has increased my knowledge around trauma informed practice.”

– Anonymous / 17.7.22:

Unitas response: We acknowledge participants may want to meet and discuss the course with others, however this is an online, distance learning course. Participants can complete the course at any time of day to suit their personal circumstances.  

“There is a lot of information to get through – However, I though the course was well put together with videos, attachments, quizzes etc and I feel I have really improved my knowledge with some real practical take aways for practice in the sector.”

– Anonymous / 22.6.22

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