About Us

The Youth Justice Institute

The Youth Justice institute was established in 2019 to bring together key academic and operational organisations to identify and disseminate the latest research and evaluation evidence to help practitioners and managers in youth justice improve outcomes for young people.

With the focus on practice development rather than social policy, members will be able to access a comprehensive range of courses and resources specific to youth justice.

The Institute aims to help close the gap between research and the day-to-day practice challenges faced by staff working in both the community and custody.

The development of reflective practitioners who are confident in using theories of change, assessing relevant evidence and increasingly involved in self-evaluation will be a priority for the Institute.  This will be achieved through a comprehensive range of innovative learning resources for managers and practitioners in both custody and the community via The Youth Justice Institute Learning Hub. All resources and courses will be linked to the Youth Justice Professional Framework (YJPF) and the Youth Justice skills matrix and offer opportunities for tutorial support, assessment of work and accreditation which are all vital aspects of the quality assurance of learning.

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